What people are saying about Science Smart Kids“Mrs. Ildikó brings a fun, enriching, and hands-on Science program to our students. They thoroughly enjoy learning about the different areas of Science she introduces to them, creating their own projects and getting to experience Science first hand with their senses! We are lucky to have such an enthusiastic, creative teacher who is passionate about Science to teach our students.”
— Peggy Galdamez (Director of Ballard Montessori Preschool)

“…my daughter looks forward to your class every week. You really do a good job peaking their interests and engaging them. She was very proud to tell me and her sister that she is a mammal. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone.”
— Claudia (Laura’s Mom)

“Science Rocks” is a model of what a science curriculum for young children should be. It is not only hands-on; it is multi-sensory, child-centered, and fun. The format–linking science concepts and exploration with songs, art, dance, movement and stories–keeps my daughter focused, excited to learn, and interested in the topic. My daughter loves getting to observe, touch and hold leaves, dirt, bugs, animals, or whatever the subject of the day’s lesson is, and because the sessions are so hands-on, she remembers key facts and themes about each topic. Ildikó herself is warm, well-organized, and knowledgable. She also prioritizes communication with parents, sending home each week a detailed outline of what happened in class. My daughter couldn’t be happier with “Science Rocks”, and neither could we.”
— Gina (Araceli’s Mom)

“I thank Mrs. Stennis for giving my 32 Kindergarten students an exciting experience with science this year. Mrs. Stennis has a remarkable way of teaching science to the young children. Young children are primarily learning through their senses. If the senses are awakened, they will learn about anything and they certainly do that while Mrs. Stennis is here; you could tell by the colossal mess, the sticky fingers and the smiles on their faces! She has an extraordinary gift for understanding children’s stated and unstated needs and for providing the most stimulating activities and opportunities for their needs.”
— Anna Tran (Kindergarten Teacher at St. Clare School)

Playing with worms“I got to play with worms! Can I eat worms?”
(This quote was said while smiling from ear to ear.)
— Liam (age 3)

“I liked looking at the ladybugs in my container and the bug poem.”
— Brendan (age 5)

“Your camp was an excellent experience for Kyle. The weekly themes were great choices, and the activities you planned were so creative and really got the kids thinking. I am so impressed with all the preparation work and planning you did. Everything was wonderful!”
— Aileen (mother of Kyle, age 3.5)